Fertility 101 Program

The waiting game is the worst game to play when it comes to fertility: 
  • Waiting to ovulate.
  • Waiting to see if you’re pregnant.
  • Waiting to see the doctor/fertility specialist. 
  • Waiting to get your test results. 
  • Waiting to see what’s wrong.
  • Waiting to meet your baby. 
If you are a go-getter, proactive, take matters into your own hands, kind of woman… The waiting game is the WORST. 
Not to mention the frustration of hearing that ‘nothing is wrong’, ‘all your blood work looks normal’, ‘keep trying’, ‘try this medication and see if it’ll work’… The waiting game is THE MOST painstaking, heart throbbing experience. 
And though I can’t eradicate the waiting game from your fertility journey, my program Fertility 101 gives you something productive to do WHILE you wait:
  • Something that will improve the quality of your eggs (and your partner’s sperm).
  • Something that will improve your digestion and help to balance your hormones. 
  • Something that will set you up for success when it comes to conceiving (naturally or chemically). 
  • Something that will ease the waiting. 
I made this program, not only because I want to give you something to do while you wait, but to make sure you aren’t making these crucial mistakes while waiting:
  • Working out fasted
  • Eating a vegan/vegetarian diet
  • Dieting of any kind (ie. intermittent fasting, ketogenic diet, eating under 1600cals)
  • Not exercising at all
  • Not sleeping soundly/ sleeping long enough
  • Working long days/ taking on new stressors

Fertility 101 is a self-paced digital program that gives you tangible holistic fertility tools and resources you can incorporate into your life TODAY to increase your fertility potential. 
This program guides you through the most important things you need to get pregnant with ease, while simultaneously giving you access to PDF downloads, supplemental protocols, period trackers (and more), so you can put everything you learn into action.
Patients who complete Fertility 101 walk away with: 
  • Nutrition guidelines and recipes to optimize your egg quality and your partner’s sperm quality
  • Sleep hacks to help you get the rest you need to grow a healthy baby
  • Stress management tools to help your nervous system feel calm instead of in overdrive
  • A menstrual cycle tracker that shows you exactly when you’re ovulating so you can stop relying on LH strips  
  • Exercise guidelines so you can workout while trying to conceive without straining your body
  • An environmental toxin resource guide that shows you the most important things to avoid to help you balance your hormones 
  • And more…

Fertility 101 Guides You Through

Nutrition & Digestion for Fertility

Nutrition is the foundation of your fertility. And your ability to digest the foods you eat is just as critical. The foods you eat and absorb determine the quality of your eggs and your partner’s sperm, and therefore the health of your future baby. In the nutrition module, I show you what you should eat and AVOID to optimize this aspect of health.

And I added a bonus module on how to improve your digestion, to make sure you’re absorbing all the nutrients from the incredible foods you’re going to eat. I share the 3 most effective tips I use with my patients to help decrease bloating, get rid of heartburn, and regulate your bowel movements.


If you’re not getting 8-9 hours of sleep a night, you will be stuck in nervous system overdrive, which will make it very difficult to get pregnant.

In this module, I guide you through the 3 most important things you need to do to improve your sleep quality and quantity.

Stress & Lifestyle

Stress is the enemy of ovulation. It can mess with your hormones, make you ovulate early, or stop ovulation altogether; you can’t escape it, but you can understand where it’s coming from and learn how to manage it. In the stress & lifestyle module, you learn my proven strategies for managing stress in your day-to-day.

And I added a bonus module on how to exercise while trying to conceive – what type of exercises you should be doing, how much and for how long. I also share my tips to help you workout WITH your menstrual cycle.


Environmental toxicities are the most overlooked yet the biggest missing link when it comes to fertility. We live in a toxic world with over 86,000 chemicals released in our environment on a regular basis.

In this module, you learn exactly what you need to do to avoid harmful chemicals, restore your health, and have a healthy baby.

Labs and Supplements

Instead of assuming you’re healthy and that pregnancy will be a breeze, let’s do some testing and ENSURE your body is actually ready to get pregnant and sustain that pregnancy.

In this module, you learn what labs you MUST run before getting pregnant and what supplements to take to have a smooth fertility journey.

*Bonus Module* Menstrual Cycle 101

Research shows that 1 in 4 women don’t understand why their menstrual cycle is what it is (i.e. light, heavy, non-existent) and 1 in 7 women don’t know what actually happens during their menstrual cycle. This is a huge issue as your menstrual cycle is your 5th vital sign and the foundation of your fertility. Without understanding your cycle, how will you get pregnant?

This is why I added a module on the menstrual cycle, to teach you the four phases of your cycle, how to effectively track it, how to eat with your cycle to support ovulation and hormone fluctuations and how to hone in on your fertility window so you can stop relying on LH strips.

These things are simple but they are NECESSARY if you want to get pregnant, have a smooth pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby.  By fine tuning these critical pillars of health, your chances of getting pregnant naturally sky rocket!
Fertility 101 is for:
  • Anyone who is sick and tired of the fertility waiting game and wants to take action NOW.
  • Anyone who is looking to get pregnant in the next year.
  • Anyone who loves natural medicine or who is a health nut.
  • Anyone who wants to learn how sleep and nutrition impacts their fertility.
  • Anyone who wants to learn what they can do to effectively prepare their body for pregnancy.
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to eat to improve the quality of their eggs and their partner’s sperm.

Fertility 101 is NOT for:
  • Anyone who wants a quick fix.
  • Anyone who isn’t committed to their health.
  • Anyone who isn’t willing to put in the money, time, and energy it takes to optimize their health and fertility.
  • Anyone who doesn’t believe in natural medicine.

I believe that we as women need to feel confident and in control of our fertility journeys (instead of anxious and overwhelmed).

I believe that we need to educate ourselves and take matters into our own hands, because conventional healthcare systems aren’t helping us enough.

I believe we need to feel supported and have multiple options presented to us, so we can make a decision that feels right for us when it comes to our fertility journeys.

And I believe we can accomplish this by doing something that brings us closer to our goals.

So, if you are ready to DO SOMETHING while you wait… Register for Fertility 101 today.

Fertility 101 is an incredible foundations program, however, if you’ve been struggling with infertility for over a year (and aren’t already working with me), it’s likely that you will need more direct and intensive support with a fertility expert.
If this is you, I welcome you to request a 1:1 discovery call with me. 

invest in you and your future family